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Building the economic layer of the Metaverse

ABOUT: MEF is the first conference dedicated entirely to projects building the financial infrastructure for the burgeoning, decentralized economy (Metaverse) with NFTs

MEET: Founders, investors, builders of the top NFT finance projects will share their latest thoughts on complex & granular challenges within the industry in an intimate, exclusive setting

DIGITAL: Scheduled adjacent to NFT.London (to fill in for a missing financialization track!), the conference provides a platform for exclusive conversations and AAA video content creation for those interested in building the infrastructure of the digital economy and helping to improve Trust, Credit and Ownership of the Metaverse Capital Markets

Patrons of the metaverse economy


Organized by

Venue & date

Tech-enabled venue with a
classical Victorian backdrop
8 Northumberland,
Friday, November 4th, 2022
9:30am - 5:00pm

Navigate through the new ideas in
NFT x Finance


MetaStreet, Meta4 Capital, Cyberkongz, Ethereal Ventures, FingerprintsDAO, PleasrDAO, FlamingoDAO, Aave, Consensys Mesh, Collab+Currency, Cally Putty, ENS Domains, Arcade, 1kx Capital, Goblin Sax, SquiggleDAO, ID Theory,  Nexo, Mechanism Capital, ReadyPlayerDAO, Horizon Games, Gearbox Protocol, Delysium, TheLAO, Outlier Ventures, NFTfi, CADLabs, StockTwits, Osprey NFT Fund, Metaversal Ventures, Nascent, 6529 Ventures, Outlier Ventures, PunksDAO, FloorDAO, NFTX, Indigo Fund, TreasureDAO, Dragonfly Capital, X2Y2, Bloomberg News, Kraken, The Sandbox, Seed Club Ventures, Polygon Studios, Digistrats Ventures, Uniqly, Fungify, and others!

(schedule subject to change*)

Morning: Users & Social Graph

9:00AM | Check-In

10:15AM | Context: Metaverse Capital Markets


10:30AM | NFT users vs DeFi users

Cyberkongz, World of Women, Arcade

11:00AM | Case Study: ENS-POAP Social Graph at DevCon 6

ENS Domains, Hype Partners

11:30AM | Social Graph for Social Tokens

StockTwit/Osprey Funds, ENS Domains, TBD

12:00PM | Fireside: Investing in NFT x DeFi

Ethereal Ventures, Consensys Mesh, 6529 Ventures

12:30PM |  $8 Trillion (Digital) Assets Under Management

Brandon & Nabyl @ Meta4 Capital

12:45PM | Break


Afternoon: Systems & Mechanisms

1:30PM | DAOs as Financial Patrons

FingerprintsDAO, FlamingoDAO, SquiggleDAO

2:00PM | Advanced lending strategies by NFT lending participants

NFTfi, Nexo, Goblin Sax, Meta4

2:30PM | Case Study: Onboarding users into NFT Finance

Arcade, MakerShaker

3:00PM | Physical delivery & price discovery in illiquid markets


3:30PM | Case Study: Making Money Beyond Spot / Floor

NFTPerp, MetaStreet

4:00PM | Marketplaces: Vertical vs Horizontalization

X2Y2, TreasureDAO, Bitscrunch

4:30PM | Impact: Closing Remarks & Product Experiments


The Speaker Panel

David Choi

Cofounder @Metastreet

Conor Moore

Cofounder @Metastreet

Andrew Kim

Community @ MetaStreet / Cyberkongz

Brandon Buchanon

Founder @ Meta4 Capital

Nabyl Charania

Founder @ Meta4 Capital

Robert Masiello

Co-Founder @


Founder @ MakerShaker


Founder @ NFTPerp

Arad / @aradstki

NFT Finance Expert

Zohan / @0xZohan

NFT Finance Expert


Community @ CyberKongz


Community @ World of Women


Dev @ ENS Domains

Jake Stott

CEO @ Hype Partners


Managing Director @ Osprey Funds

Min Teo

Co-Founder @ Ethereal Ventures

Jeff Bandman

COO / General Counsel, 6529


Research and Acquisitions @ SquiggleDAO

Stephen Young


Kiril Nikolov

Institutional Lending @ Nexo

Chris Minnis

Core Contributor @ Goblin Sax

Ben @benschillin

Founder @ Spicyest


Founder @ PuttyFi

Vijay-Pravin Maharajan

Founder & CEO - bitsCrunch

Wacky @WackyChainer

Head Of BizDev @ x2y2